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UMENCO is Australia’s first people and performance agency with team spanning Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York. Connecting a wide-reaching global network of talent and clients, UMENCO delivers specialist results in Human Resources, Organisational and Leadership Development, Recruitment, Employee Training and Career Coaching. With an innovative, people-first approach, UMENCO supports companies recruit and retain the best talent in local and international marketplaces by co-creating empowering learning cultures and careers.

Director and CEO Angela Briggs has been responsible for pinnacle appointments within the Australian and North American markets, including NORDSTROM, Rodarte, Apple Retail, alice McCALL, CAMILLA AND MARC, Assembly label, Scanlan & Theodore, LIFEwithBIRD, sass & bide, Helen Kaminski and Shoes of Prey, amongst others. With an unprecedented vision and a keen understanding of talent values and company culture, Angela’s unique network and personal relationships are key to the UMENCO business. This focused and effective approach delivered with a personal touch has generated a loyal, like-minded client base that fuels unprompted recommendations, making Angela an authoritative figure in the marketplace. 

In an exciting world of innovation and transformation, Angela and the UMENCO team are advocates for creating sustainable, engaging and agile people strategies that produce strong commercial results for brands while delivering inspiring career experiences for their teams. 

UMENCO strives to be a pioneer in ethical HR and Recruitment. By prioritising people and encouraging the right connections, UMENCO consciously partners clients and candidates to create meaningful opportunities with optimal cultural fit and a a values-led approach in mind. The UMENCO operating ethos is build on kinship, kindness and alignment of purpose; caring for people, planet and profit are the core of its talent DNA. 

"I strongly believe in a world where everyone can win, by abiding to the simple mantra of care. In a creative or corporate environment, this translates to making people feel supported, inspired and contributing to their financial independence. Through recruitment, career coaching and leadership development, my vision is to help shape a professional landscape that values talent, skills and empowered success as key drivers of employment, entrepreneurship and wealth creation."



For UMENCO, the ongoing mission of enhancing companies as well as careers comes with a focus on the development of leadership behaviours and emotional intelligence. Empowering individuals and their teams for the present and future with such skills as self knowledge, effective communication skills and resilience will ensure the alignment of behaviours to values. 

As as a result interpersonal relationships are managed judiciously and empathetically. Thriving in such work in turn helps teams and talent connect better and in more meaningful ways, leading to employee engagement, talent retention and increased performance, profit and productivity. 

Previously from leadership staffing at Apple, Angela has used her personal experiences as inspiration for the company’s mission statement, centred in the concept of humanitarian HR. Angela is a passionate supporter of children with autism, as well as driven in supporting single parents become financially independent in order to simultaneously enjoy career fulfilment and the joys of parenthood. 


“With the right culture, leadership, support and role alignment, people of diverse backgrounds can achieve career success and satisfaction regardless of their personal circumstances. When these four key elements of recruitment are executed successfully people will thrive. In return they will give back to brand with outstanding performance, commitment and loyalty. Creating and engaging talent with innovative HR and development programs ensures a robust succession planning and creates advocates for your brand during their time of employment and long after. HR is the new PR - your people thriving in your organisation are the best talent attraction strategy, and the most meaningful of all"



At UMENCO, the end goal is to drive a new dynamic in the workplace where leaders are engaged, employees feel empowered and the end result is profitable for everyone.


"UMENCO has never ceased to amaze me with their authentic approach, considered manner, thorough process, insightful analysis and efficient service. They are innovative, professional, understanding and truthful. There is no doubt that in everything they do, they define themselves as leaders."







Angela Briggs joined
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“Thomas [ Angela's son ] is a reflection of the UMENCO values in his brave and beautiful approach to life,” explains Angela. “He continually inspires me to hold UMENCO up to the light to see what we can achieve with more love. In turn, our clients reap the rewards of that kind, nurturing approach in an otherwise competitive industry.” Clients then experience a happy and productive workplace and culture, proven to deliver high levels of performance, innovation and commercial success. “When we work together to build success that is sustainable, meaningful and contributes positively back to our community, we all achieve greatness,” Angela says. UMENCO’s commitment to supporting children with autism is an integral thread the business.

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UMENCO proudly
supports Giant Steps

Giant Steps is only one of two schools in Sydney that is solely for children with autism. Giant Steps is in fact the only school that provides a trans-disciplinary approach which ensures programs are intensive, child specific and include speech, music and occupational therapy as well as best practice education techniques for children with autism.

In addition to being a registered and accredited school, Giant Steps is also a registered charity. The families of Giant Steps work together raising circa $5 million a year via donations, events and fundraising to ensure all students regardless of their families’ economic circumstances receive the same level of support.

In 2018 UMENCO will be collaborating with clients to raise awareness & funds for Giant Steps.


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